Welcome to Knight of Truth Media

"Defenders of the one, true faith."

We are a new, Christian company selling everything from clothing, accessories, DVDs, CDs, booklets... everything you need to be a light in the world. Jesus said a light is not to be hidden under a bushel. We're here to help you shine, to help you witness to your faith in Jesus Christ. Be bold. Be proud. Be defenders of the one, true faith.

We apologize that our site is slightly under construction. We are currently in the process of building a shopping cart where all of our products will be available for purchase online and shipped right to your door. In the meantime, however, our Fall 2013 catalog is searchable under the "Products" tab. If you see something you'd like, give us a call to place your order or stop by our store. Keep in mind that we also do fundraising! Download a PDF of our entire catalog and take it to your next school board or parish council meeting.

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